Brexit Corona Days

A Tragic History

Andy Ross

First edition 2021
Approx 600 pages

Jon Conway was a thinker. After growing up in southern England, studying science and philosophy at Oxford, and working for decades in Germany, he returned to England in 2013. He joined the Conservative party, where he campaigned and did parliamentary work for his MP. But then, in 2016, he was caught up in a Brexit drama that ran counter to everything his life and work in Europe had taught him.

ALBION is a documentary history that reads like a novel. More captivating than most histories and more urgent than most novels, it weaves a fine fictional thread through a factual chronicle of the ongoing political and social crisis in British life. The years of upheaval focus on Jon's personal life to put the long love-hate relationship between Britain and Germany into a revealing new perspective.

As befits a tale grounded in the life and times of a philosopher, ALBION blends accurate detail and deep insight in a synthesis that rises above the particular facts of the current crisis. When the work of centuries and the fate of billions is in play, the daily scandals of Brexit or the daily agony of the coronavirus pandemic, like the facts of Jon's life, are just parts of a bigger narrative.

ALBION adds a powerful voice to the global debate about the human role in nature. The relentless advance of science and technology, the looming environmental catastrophe of global warming, and the world of confusion in political and economic ideas all form the backdrop to a unique and unforgettable story of folly and fate.