How the plan for G.O.D. Is Great looked in 2009 ...


One World, One Life, One Mind

Book plan
Q4, 2009

We are putting more new technology to work every day. The fountain of science and technology continues to gush forth new solutions for the benefit of all who find problems to solve with them. As the pace accelerates, we may ask where the flood is taking us.

For me the answer is clear: we are advancing rapidly toward an integrated global organization that will deepen and intensify until it becomes a single planetary organism I call GO or Globorg. Our biology and our technology will merge in a climactic integration of all human civilization to date. Whether we navigate the flood wisely enough to survive with our ideals intact and enjoy the brave new world of Globorg is up to us.

To explore this vision is my aim in this book. Starting from everyday life and the new business opportunities it opens up, I look at how wave upon wave of revolutionary progress in information technology is transforming our world as never before. As advances in nanotech and robotics force the innovation through industry worldwide, companies that ride the waves will find plenty of new ways to feed our appetite for new lifestyles.

A precondition for making the best of the opportunities unfolding before us is that we coordinate resource flows and legal and regulatory frameworks worldwide. Globalized business technology can help politicians to meet this challenge. Big corporations have interests that ramify into huge ecosystems of smaller companies and further into the lives of billions of people. We can build a political order that works via corporations to champion human rights.

The transformation of life on Earth that tech is seeding goes much further. As we learn to deploy robots productively for more and more work, and as robots improve in power and sophistication, so the extinction of the industrial proletariat will look more and more threatening. Alarmists will raise the specter of our paving the way to extinction of the human species in a tide of robotic terminators with superhuman powers.

Salvation from such nightmares is easy. We shall merge with the robots. Biotech and robotech will merge in an intimate molecular fusion where we extend ourselves into machines. We have no interest in developing machines that exterminate us and every interest in developing systems that extend and enhance our own powers. Still, the dangers here are urgent enough to ensure that only a global political order can secure a decent human future.

Science and technology have transformed not only our world but also our understanding of ourselves. We shall review our deepest ideals and values through the prism of an integrated global order based on pervasive cloud technology and discover unprecedented opportunities. We shall put our minds online and merge them in collective cloud minds. When consciousness resides largely in the clouds and swirls in virtual centers that abstract from their physical hosts, we shall achieve a kind of immortality.

As a species we shall bracket our entire legacy of ideas and philosophies as developmental phases in the evolution of Globorg. Revolutionaries from the ranks of the old monotheisms will merge their faiths into a new doctrine of the evolution of life toward the Global Organic Dominion (GOD). By the end of this century, many believers will regard planet Earth as the temple of GOD, in which the elect are reborn as angelic beings in bionic bodies.

You may shudder at the cult of GOD. But with bionic spacecraft we shall go on to explore new worlds and escape the cult of global monocentrism. Much of the way to GO is all but certain: whether we like it or not, the development outlined here is well under way and hard to stop. But much is up to us: we are the flight crew on spaceship Earth in the Globorg century.